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Chez Moi -Inflatable Cute Pool Fun Pastel Set

For lots of Summer fun, Chez Moi created this cute pool fun pastel set with lots of poses and extras like lounge chairs and a bbq.

Chez moi - pool fun set

Photographer: Quistis Hoorenbeek, Models: Edwin & Quistis Hoorenbeek, Ro Daniels, Xendra Resident and Angeleyes Roxley

Scene: Inflatable Cute Pool Fun Pastel Set – Chez Moi


Chez Moi – Canopy Bench

So sweet and romantic, this bench from Chez Moi, called Canopy Bench for the event Lost & Found. With lots of single and couple poses.

Chez Moi

Photographer: Quistis Hoorenbeek, Models: Edwin & Quistis Hoorenbeek

Scene: Canopy Bench – Chez Moi @ Lost & Found


*CHEZ MOI FURNITURES* created this fully interactive dock with multi pose, perfect for gathering friends and decorate your beach, called Dock Navy Bar

The dock has 62 animations (fishing poses, diving, kisses, caresses and more) and ROOM for up to 4 friends.
37 individual animations, 5 animations to play in the water, 10 animations for couples in love (10 x 2)
Props: glass with drink, sunscreen lotion, fishing pole.

Special gift: Pier Lamp to light up your beach.
Touch the Pier lamp to flash the light.

Chez Moi

Photographer: Quistis Shippe, Models: Edwin Hoorenbeek and Quistis Shippe

Item: Dock Navy Bar – *Chez Moi Furnitures*